MK1 Barn find restoration

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MK1 Barn find restoration

Post by Dodgers on Mon Aug 08, 2016 11:02 pm

Ok, I guess its best to start with a little info on this car the set the scene. I paid more than I wanted but after viewing it and checking the history I am not hurting too much.

This car was originally bought in 1986 as a Phase 1 interior with factory fit Digi-Dash.
It changed hands after about a year (1987) and finally to the guy who I bought it from in 1989 when it was 3 years old.
This guy barely used it and was stored in his mums garage for the majority of the time and when I went to see it, it had 15 years worth of dust covering it. Sadly the guy had started to do some bits and pieces to it in order to restore it to its former glory, but luckily its 99% cosmetic.
The car has full service history up until it came off the road and a verified mileage of 53,000 (not bad for an 86' car!!)

From the looks of things the engine has never been removed, the engine heat shield is like new and its still on the original cam belt (not for long)
its also running on 2 of the original tyres and the original exhaust and still has the Fiat dealer sticker in the rear window.

The interior is in amazing condition, and to be honest this is what sold it for me. with a clean and a hoover you would think the car had come from the factory.

As it has such good provenance such as every MOT, tax disc and FSH this car deserves to be restored to as close to original as possible.
Finding an original exhaust will be impossible, and a huge scorpion wont do it justice so I will have to find a sympathetic alternative.

So what's the plan?. Its getting delivered tonight so it will be getting a good wash and vac so that I can truly see what i'm working with. Even after all these years it started first time....and the digi dash it just proper retro-cool.
So the order of the day will be:

Replace all fluids, plugs, filters and perished rubbers
Replace cambelt and check brakes and all lines (plus fuel lines)
Poke around to see what's need externally and get it booked for paint and decals.
I'm Undecided on whether to refresh the engine bay, or leave it with its current patina to keep it honest...ill welcome thoughts or comments on that one!

Ill post pictures very soon, but would urge you to see past the dust, overspray and superficial stuff....I feel this one has real potential!


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