Hi & can you help

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Hi & can you help

Post by Primeiro on Sat Nov 29, 2014 11:29 pm

Hi there

Been sometime since I have been on here so best I return and also hope someone can help me.

So far in the past I have had a:

MK1 White 1988 uno turbo (did mild resto sold as a runner when moved on)
Mk1 Red 1990 uno turbo (mint car did bits to make better sold on as runner, shouldn't of sold)
1991 Red Lancia delta Integralle evo 1 (cant talk about this car because I am sick I sold it)

I run my own company in Aylesbury bucks (doors open in March 2015) offering all services & I think it is time to get a Mk1 Uno turbo to do restoration/make immaculate to show off skills & service.

Basically going to be a full ground up resto with detailing so anything considered but has to be salvageable.
Does anyone have a project or a car for sale/know of one because I need another!

Last year found a grey 1989 on ebay that was rotten I mean rotten but was very low mileage, was going to buy it but scrap man who originally found the car & sold to owner I was buying off advised me not too.

I am after a:

Mk1 uno t
No sunroof
Colours: Red or grey

Hope you can help me, all the best.



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