Drive shaft - offside/ drivers side (top change gearbox)

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Drive shaft - offside/ drivers side (top change gearbox)

Post by Chas Uno on Tue Nov 18, 2014 4:48 am

I don't supposed anyone has an offside/ drivers side drive-shaft for sale, complete with cv joints/ gaiters in good condition and ready to fit? I fitted new drive-shaft gaiters to mine the other day and think I buggered up one of the gaiters. Only found out the day after I had it all fitted back in placeĀ  Sad I'm going away on holiday this Thursday and need the car for some long trips when I get back in December. Changing the outer gaitor is a pain in the backside (that stupid f*ckin' jump ring - grrr!), plus I don't have a garage to work in unless I can borrow someone else's, so ideally I could do with just having one that can be swapped straight over as quickly as possible.

Can anyone help with a drivers side driveshaft please? I will buy a pair (both driver and passenger sides) if price is reasonable and seller doesn't want to split them.
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