Mk1 turbo engine rebuild

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Mk1 turbo engine rebuild

Post by Rehan on Sat Oct 25, 2014 7:40 pm

Hello everyone

I am rebuilding a Mk1 Uno turbo engine (engine code 146A2.000) to transplant into my 1980 X1/9. It's a complete rebuild with new 81mm pistons / rings, new bearings, new valve guides / seats, turbo rebuild, etc.

The idea is NOT to turn it into a high performance engine. Rather, my aim is to build a stock engine that performs reliably in my exxie.

As part of the rebuild, I would like to change all the sensors on the engine. I have been able to find sources for the following sensors: oil pressure; coolant temperature; crankshaft sensor.

I am having problems sourcing the following: TDC sensor; knock sensor; TPS sensor; MAP / vacuum sensor.

Can anyone suggest a source where I can buy new sensors in the second list? I am also open to buying good used sensors if anyone has spare ones lying around.

Really appreciate any help.

Thanks + regards



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